Pants Are Bad!

The phrase that sent yesterday into a tailspin:
B: “I’m SO happy that I don’t have to work or go to class today. I’m celebrating by staying in my pajama pants ALL DAY LONG.”
Wait, let me back up.
I’ve mentioned it before, I’ll mention it again. My hard-working husband is currently working full-time while going to school full-time. This makes scheduling normal, everyday things a bit more complicated. Like meal-planning. Especially since I joined Weight Watchers (about 12 days ago).
In an unprecedented move, Brian gave up his late night bar shift so he could stay home yesterday and recharge.
Wonderful! Excellent! Best plan ever!
Except I hadn’t planned for it.
This sent me into panic mode.
I knew my hubby wanted to stay in his jammies. However, I didn’t have anything “Husband-Approved” to feed us for lunch. My brain scrambled through the ingredients I had stored in the fridge, and I ran through quick recipes in my head. I knew he wouldn’t eat one of the frozen meals I had stashed for just such occasions. Leftovers from the night before were out (Vegetarian pasta. My husband scoffs if there’s no meat involved.)
Wait! I had planned on grilled chicken salads for dinner….maybe I could just do that for lunch, and bump Sunday’s planned meal up. That will work!!! I found a solution that would work without my hubby having to put on pants. Yay me!
So off to the kitchen I go to prepare said salads. Except when I open the chicken it smells like a dead bird. (Which it is. Except it smelled dead, and it’s not supposed to smell dead.)
My carefully altered plans go down in flames.
Brian joins me as I freak out in the kitchen.
A: I don’t have anything to feed you for lunch! I hadn’t planned for this! I don’t know what to do!
B: Honey, don’t worry about it. I can just put on some pants and run to the store.
ANO! Pants are BAD! You said you wanted to stay in your pajama pants all day, and you NEED to stay in your pajama pants all day, and relax, and recover, and do nothing while I take care of you. That’s what today is supposed to be about. It’s the FIRST DAY OFF you’ve had in 3 weeks!!! LET ME TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
At this point, the contents of the fridge have been spilled out onto the floor, I’m rummaging through cabinets, unearthing old canned goods from 1998, and I’m totally out of options. In my dieting frenzy, I somehow managed to get rid of every single food item that my husband would willingly consume. The only option left is to go buy more food.
But I refuse to let him get dressed.
SO–I left him in charge of the office, gave him direct orders to stay in his PJs, even if someone came in to pay, and ran out the door for provisions.
As I pulled into the grocery store parking lot, I had this sinking suspicion that my husband had put on pants. This was not ok with me. So I sent him a sideways, phone-recorded plea:

Because sometimes, going pantless is the thing you need to do to truly enjoy your day off. And I made sure my husband got to enjoy his day off. PJ pants and all.
*If you can’t see the video, go here:

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