A Post for Brian, Part Deux

When the hubs read yesterday’s post, not only was he rejuvenated with a new feeling of awesomeness, he was also mightily pleased with himself as Superman.

B: You should do a WHOLE blog where you make me different comic book heroes.
A: You think?
B: Yeah! Spiderman, Aquaman, Captain America, Optimus Prime….it would be AWESOME!

And so, that’s exactly what I did for today’s post. Sort of.

My Husband as Various “Heroes”

Batman. Because tool belts are sexy. 
Captain Jean Luc Picard. Ha.
Neo wasn’t a comic book  hero, but he was “The One.”
Can’t….stop….laughing…….Harry Potter!

And lastly, because I was feeling left out:

Wait…weren’t they twins? This could be construed as weird.

God, I love Photoshop.

4 thoughts on “A Post for Brian, Part Deux

  1. ElinaMK

    OMG OMG OMG!!! Good thing I was sitting down and not drinking/eating anything as I scrolled down to the last picture, else there would have been a nasty scene with food/drink flying out of my mouth/nose, and LOTS of sputtering/choking/coughing/wheezing… Yes, He-Man and She-Ra ARE twins… LOL

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