The Post My Husband Has Been Waiting For

A few days ago, Brian decided he was going to run for a haircut and grab us some lunch on the way home. Never one to turn down Chick-Fil-A, I was on board with that idea. He kissed me goodbye and sailed out the door.

I totally expected waffle fries within the hour.

Two hours later, and still, no Brian. I was beginning to wonder if the cows had shown up for a sit-in when my phone rang.

B: Hey, babe. Sorry I’m taking so long.
A: Where are you? Was there a line or something?
B: No, but…
A: Did they accidentally cut off one of your ears?
B: No, but…
A: It was a sit-in, wasn’t it? I KNEW it. Were their signs all misspelled and grammatically incorrect?
B: What?
A: I’m sorry. Please continue.
B: Well, I’d already stopped to get our food, and on the way home I noticed a little old couple with a flat tire. So, I stopped to help.
A: *Silent Swoon.*
B: So, your waffle fries may be a little cold. I hope that’s ok.

I’m so proud to be his wife.

And so, ladies and gentlefolks, I’d like to introduce you to my husband.

Saint Brian—Patron Saint of Awesomeness

As it turns out, the little old man didn’t just have a flat tire, he’d run up on the curb and bent up the frame as well. Bri had a bit of a time getting the thing off to begin with, and he even scraped his knuckles in the process. (Insert AWWWW here.) But this didn’t slow my super-hero husband down. No sirree. He just kept going till that couple had a donut on their car and were on their merry way.

They tried to pay him. He refused. But she still gave him five bucks.

Truly, my husband does things that make me fall in love with him all over again on a regular basis. This is just one of many.

My heart also swells when he uses the Walmart buggy as a scooter and grins like a 10 year old. I always half-expect him to say “WEEEEE!”

Sometimes, when he thinks no one is watching, he’ll have a snuggle moment with one of our cats. With baby talk and the whole nine. And it makes me melt.

And when I’m sick, or have a migraine, and I just can’t seem to get motivated, it’s amazing how my always-busy, have-to-study, no-free-time-to-spare husband always manages to finish the laundry/answer the phone/feed the cats/cover me with an afghan when I fall asleep/hand feed me grapes (not really).

But it’s really those small acts of selflessness, those moments that don’t necessarily present themselves on a regular basis, when someone else needs a hand, that Brian automatically, without thought, jumps in to save the day….those moments make me proud to have married such a wonderful person.

He’s gonna be the World’s Greatest Nurse. I guess he’ll have to find some room for that trophy, to go alongside his Husband of the Universe plaque, and the enormous You Make Me So Proud balloons I got him the other day…

(Ok, honey, I think they know how wonderful you are now. How’d I do?)

Edit: Further proof that my husband truly IS the Patron Saint of Awesomeness…..

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  1. Abby

    OMG! Jenna, I’m totally going with the floor-length leather coat. Maybe I can convince him to start bleaching his hair again….OOH, and his fake British accent isn’t great, but it’s mostly believable…..

    :0) <----Me smiling back at Kristin

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