A Reenactment, A Dramatic Story, and a Guest Post

For those readers who checked in on me over the weekend, I thank you. Truly, I am fine, and as you can see, AbbyGabs is back up and running.

For those who didn’t email, call, or send fruit baskets, let me just say that Saturday was, to this date, the most traumatic day for me as a blog author, ever.

I came to my computer, preparing to write a rather genius blog (to come Wednesday) and found, to my absolute horror, that AbbyGabs was nowhere to be found.

It went something like this:

(If you can’t see the video, go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9reJhCZw7QQ)

Well, at least that’s what happened at first. I’ll spare you the shouting, cursing, fist-shaking, nervous breakdown, etc. Oh, and the close-up of me crying, reminiscent of the infamous Blair Witch Project scene.

As you probably know, while AbbyGabs is its own domain, it is powered through Blogger….which is powered through Google. (You may already see where this is going, so feel free to shake your head in consternation as I continue this story.)

When I noticed there was a problem with my site, I immediately went looking for help from the pros. There is no way to contact Google, or Blogger, directly (which took me an hour to find out) so I headed for the help forums. I noticed there were a few similar complaints on the forum, so I checked in with them first. They weren’t receiving much help from said “HELP” forum, so we started bantering back and forth, trying to troubleshoot our own problem.

I also posted a “HELP ME BEFORE I HAVE A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN” thread for my own humble little blog.

An hour in, we still hadn’t heard from any of the moderators. Meanwhile, more and more people were creeping in with the same issue.

That issue was this: when we went to our domains, using any browser available to man, we received the message that “www.thatwebsite.com” cannot be found. Cache copies were available, but we couldn’t open the domains.

Consequently, I couldn’t open their domains and they couldn’t open mine.

However, friends and family and my therapist all said my blog was perfectly visible to them.


So….back to the forums. At approximately 11 am (2 hours, 2 very large cups of coffee, and a handful of diazepams later….)(just kidding) I finally had a response from a moderator, who we’ll call Blogger Nazi for the purposes of this post.

Was the response from Blogger Nazi helpful, kind, or in anyway relevant?


He said, “If you want my help, please remove any posts from this forum that are unnecessary, confusing, or inflammatory.”

That left me incensed. And baffled, considering my responses in other threads were basically, “Me, too!” and “Hey, what a coincidence!” and “I don’t think there’s a way to contact Google directly.”

But, being desperate for help, I complied with Mr. Douchebag’s Blogger Nazi’s request.

Then, for the next 2 hours, he decided to dump link after link after link to his “Here’s How To Fix Your Blog” blog, filled with techno-speak that you need a degree to understand. He kept asking me the same questions over and over and over again, asking for clarifications, for me to be “specific” and “less emotional” in my responses. He kept insisting that my blog wasn’t down, because he could see it, and that it was obviously an error in my part since clearly, I’m a newbie and an idiot and I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Until I sent him about 15 links to other bloggers who were having the same problem.

That shut him up, and quick.

When the mob arrived brandishing pitch forks and lit torches, Blogger Nazi finally compiled a list of complaints and turned them in to Blogger.

Who turned them in to Google.

Who turned them in to GoDaddy.com.

And THEN we found out that, in fact, it wasn’t an isolated incident, but it was an issue with GoDaddy all along. Apparently, there was a large DDOS attack in two of their data centers.

I have no idea what a DDOS attack is…sounds like something from World of Warcraft to me.

Aww…cute little orcs, aren’t they?

At any rate, GoDaddy cleaned up all the dragons and beasties, and now my site is back up and running.

No thanks to Captain Jerkface Blogger Nazi.

Well, sort of thanks to him, but he could’ve just lodged a complaint without being so mean. He called my blog superfluous. SUPERFLUOUS. Can you believe that???

I should send my orc pals after him.

Anyway, during all the chaos, I got a lot of help and support…and even got an amazing offer to do a guest post for my friend, Tricia, at her blog, The Katnip Lounge! She was a fan of The FatKat Kronicles, and I’ve gotten a lot of requests to bring Scoot and his pals back….so, I’m kicking off my soon-to-launch weekly FatKat comic strip over at the Lounge today! So, head on over to The Katnip Lounge to read my very first Guest Post!! It will make me forget all about Saturday’s debacle.


14 thoughts on “A Reenactment, A Dramatic Story, and a Guest Post

  1. Katnip Lounge

    ha ha ha! I always suspected Hitler was too big a coward to off himself, and now we know he’s working at Google!

    Does Danica Patrick know that GoDaddy caused you such pain? She needs to send you chocolate.

  2. Abby

    I don’t know if Ms. Patrick is aware of my heartache or not. But, I think she can keep the chocolate. She should eat one, or two….and I definitely don’t need them to pass my lips (or else they’ll go straight to my hips!) HA! :0)

  3. Eleanor

    Hi Abby, I just saw your cartoon at Katnip Lounge and I’ve come to say hello. I can’t believe how rude that customer ‘service’ guy was to you. At least you got him to do something proactive eventually. I guess you never got an apology from him though!?
    I love your WoW reference. I was a big WoW player a while back. All night sessions and dead at work the day!

  4. Abby

    To be fair…I think he was just a moderator, not a “paid” employee of google. He was really using his free time to try and help, but it seemed like he was more interested in the power trip than anything else.

    But yea…he was a real dingleberry, for sure.

  5. Abby

    Yes, we were watching and were very pleased with the outcome. :0)

    Honestly, my first words were “mama,” “dada,” and “go Wolfpack!” (Although according to my parents, it sounded more like “Go guuupaak.” LOL

  6. Stephanie

    I’m glad (y)our blogs are back in service! Love the reenactment…made me laugh. OK, this is crazy…but your guest post is on the SECOND large blog I’ve read today written by cats. I was looking at another one this morning. Cracks me up…my dog doesn’t even know how to TYPE. If I weren’t so darn allergic I might have to jump ship and become a cat person.

    re: Help board. Aww…I didn’t think he was so awful! I mean, the guy wasn’t being paid but he basically spent the entire day trying to figure stuff out for us. Lord knows I wouldn’t have gotten far on my own! Granted, I didn’t actually read/see the post where you say he was mean to you, so what do I know? But in the end, he really did help!

    That said, I was also very concerned yesterday when I couldn’t access my blog. I mean, I put out some very crucial information that people would be lost without (Ha!).

  7. Abby

    Stephanie, I agree. It was pretty cool that he was using his free time to help everyone. However—there was a large chunk of the conversation I had with him that he went back and deleted. That screams guilty conscience to me. He was really rude to me from the beginning, and only began helping people after I kept on him for over 2 hours that there was a problem, and that I wasn’t a nut (mostly.) IN the end, though, he did come through. Although, I think GoDaddy would’ve solved the problem with or without Blogger Nazi.

    And I agree—I can’t imagine the masses not being able to read the important info I share daily….what would they do without our blogs???? :0)

  8. The Vegetable Assassin

    GAH it’s so frustrating when things don’t work as planned. I’ve been having Windows Live Messenger issues when signing in and when I looked up all the help available it would say really useful things like, “1) log in to messenger, 2) click file menu, 3) check settings, not seeing the basic flaw at all like the fact my problem is I CANNOT SIGN IN. Stupid technical crap.

    I’m sorry, did you say something?

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