Apparently my blog is down.

And I’m a weeping, hysterical mess.

And my husband had to go to work early, so he’s no help.

And I can’t find anyone to help me on google.


6 thoughts on “HELP

  1. Dieter Moitzi

    To me, your blog looks as fine as ever. And it did yesterday, too. You sure there wasn’t a cut in electricity in your area? Anyway, if there’s really something wrong, I hope you’ll work out how to get help ‘cuz i’d miss your blog-voice too much!

  2. Madi and Mom

    Hi Abby I read about you over at Katnip Lounge….
    Oh my gosh blogger has been a booger this weekend. It did not post any of our pictures today JUST words…I guess I’ll have to post the pictures sans words later.
    Madi and Mom

  3. Abby

    Thanks gang! Problem fixed….apparently some random attack happened at GoDaddy this weekend and it resulted in hundreds of sites being shut down for the day. It was traumatic, it was awful, and it was terrific blog fodder. Stay tuned for a detailed description of events later today. 🙂

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