Let’s Pretend We’re 8 Again…

Let’s rewind to our childhoods momentarily, shall we? Remember “do-overs?” Like, when you were playing freeze tag with your friends, and Jimmy tagged your shirt. You SWEAR you never felt him touch you, but he swears he grazed your shirt. Rather than punching Jimmy in the face, you would dutifully shout “DO-OVER!,” and everyone would be appeased by this resolution of events.

There was never any questioning. Fighting about “Do-Overs” broke the childhood code. It was just generally accepted that, if one person requested a “Do-Over,” that “Do-Over” was granted, no questions asked.
Well I’d like to propose that we institute a “Do-Over” system for adults. Same principals, same phrase, different construct of difficulties.
And it all starts with the Do-Over Button:
Staples, you had the right idea. Just the wrong phrase.
Just imagine what this little invention could do for us as grown-ups. Scenario #1: You accidentally forget to call your friend on her birthday. Oopsie.
Do-Over! Because I love you and the day you were born!!
Scenario #2: You have one chance, ONE CHANCE, to impress a potential new friend/client/date, and somehow, in a matter of nano-seconds, you manage to insult his/her religion, political beliefs, and grandmother with one sentence. No sweat….
I’m a really nice person. I swear. I don’t know WHY I said that…
Scenario #3: Someone says, “Who was your favorite New Kid?” and you say, “Jordan Knight, although Donnie Wahlberg is my favorite now. You know, I still have the cds, and the buttons, and the posters, and the shoe strings. I even still have my Jordan doll…although I think we donated the sheets and the sleeping bag when I turned 16. You know, I had an alarm clock, too, come to think of it…..”
I’m only ashamed because I didn’t pick Donnie when I was 8.
Seriously, there are a TON of things I can think of that I wish I could Do-Over. I’d have majored in something more useful, I’d stop myself from gaining all this weight, I’d have really made a serious attempt at getting published….
And I DEFINITELY would’ve picked Donnie to be my favorite New Kid.
The real reason I need a Do-Over Button.
Picture of Donnie Wahlberg source. Cuz as much as I wish it were true, I have not met him and therefore, have never photographed him. Or kissed him, which makes me sad.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Pretend We’re 8 Again…

  1. Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me

    Get away, girl, Donnie is MINE!

    lol. no, but, I’m serious.

    Donnie was always my favorite, always always always, never doubted him for a second.. and then he showed up in that movie with Bruce Willis.. i see dead people movie… wow, brain stopped working.. what was that movie? too lazy to google it.

    But, back to being serious. Back away from Donnie, he is mine.

    : )

    And me wants a do-over button.. I would have used it when I got that awful perm when i was sixteen. ugh, it was awful. it still has the power to keep me up at night.

  2. Abby

    My infatuation started with Jordan….I was in love with him from 7-9. Then I got wise and realized that if I really wanted to seriously marry a New Kid, my best shot was with Joey. Cuz, ya know, he was the closest to my age. So that new infatuation went until I was about 12.

    My adoration for Donnie started a few years ago. I just love, love, love him. LOL

    As soon as I commission the do-over buttons, you’ll be on the top of the list of people to send a free trial to. Promise. 🙂

  3. E

    Oh Abby you make me laugh … and btw … I loved Joey … lol … but Donnie or Mark are my faves now! 🙂

  4. Abby

    Oh, don’t get me wrong—I spent my fair share of time sighing over Joey’s blue eyes. 🙂

    There’s just something about Donnie that translates well to adulthood infatuation. Who knows…whatever it is, he’s got it in spades.

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