My Husband is a Lurker

Usually, when I write my blog, my husband is not at home. He’s normally in class, or off bringing home the bacon.

But these past few days, he’s been on spring break. Which means when I sit down to start my blog, he’s here. Which is WONDERFUL on so many levels….except one.

Here is an example of a conversation like we’ve had every morning since Sunday.

B: So, what are you going to blog about today?
A: I’m not sure.
B: Really? Do you need some ideas?
A: Sure. What have you got?
B: You could blog about the cats. Or music. Or you could blog about me. Tell them how great I am.
A: Funny. Ha ha. Really, though, I love your ideas. I actually already know what I’m going to write about today, but thanks for the ideas.
B: Oh yeah? What are you going to write about today?
A: You’ll see.
B: Can’t you just tell me?
A: No, because then it wouldn’t be as funny.
B: Yes, it will.
A: No, it won’t.
B: Yes, it will. Why wouldn’t it be funny if you tell me first?
A: Because you won’t have all the visuals I have planned. I want you to experience it like a reader, not like my husband.
B: Ok. I’ll wait. (pouty face)

Thirty minutes later, and I’m totally in my Photoshop groove. Music’s going, pictures are cropped and red-eye reduced, and I’m looking for graphics I can use for the day. Then I hear…

B: Are you looking at pictures of Richard Simmons?
A: Yes.
B: Is Richard Simmons going to be in your blog today?
A: Maybe.
B: So THAT means you’re going to be writing about weight loss, right?
A: Perhaps.
B: Unless he’s going to be helping you wash your face. Or maybe he’s going to meet Manny? That’s IT! Richard Simmons is going to wash Manny’s face, right???
A: (Sigh.)

Forty-five minutes later, my Photo-shopping is done. Funny pictures are resized, cropped and saved, and I’m ready to get my writing on. Just when I’m concentrating on the perfect pun, I hear…

B: Hey, pretty lady. I love you.
A: Aw, thanks sweetie. I love you, too.
B: No, I really, really, REALLY love you.
A: I really, really, REALLY love you, too.
B: I love you to the moon and back with a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck.
A: No take backs. (Smile.)
B: Really?
A: Really.
B: Sweet. So….what are you blogging about today?
A: Honey…
B: Ok, ok, I’ll stop. I’ll leave you alone now. Just tell me when you’re done, ok?

A few minutes later I hear footsteps in the kitchen behind me. Followed by a very manly snicker. And when I look over my shoulder I see this:

Yes, he’s adorable. And he’s very smart. Sometimes….I might even tell him what the blog topic for the day is going to be.

Maybe if he sings to me, I’ll tell him.

And I LOVE that he’s so into my blog. I love that he looks forward to reading it everyday. It makes me so happy when he shares it with his friends, or puts it on Facebook. I mean, he’s supportive in every single way, so I’m not surprised. He really is the most wonderful husband on the planet. (No, you can’t have him. He’s mine. All MINE!)

But you see, I know he’s not reading this as I’m typing it. And I get to look forward to his reaction as he reads it. So in a way, making him wait isn’t just for him, it’s for me, too.

Just now:
B: Wow, babe. Those keys are really banging away. I guess you found your muse for today’s blog.”

You bet I did, honey. And it’s YOU!

Today’s post is dedicated to my husband. The Lurker.