Failure Is Not An Option….Unless It’s A Reality

I’m a proud person. There are LOTS of things that I’m really good at, and I’m not afraid to tell you all about them. Need me to write your resume? SURE, it’ll rock the casbah. Are you looking for some hints in the kitchen? Let me give you my favorite recipe. Of COURSE I remembered your birthday, and sent you a card and a present, and wrote you on Facebook, and tweeted in celebration of your birth. You say you need a recommendation for a good book? Here, visit my personal library and take your pick.

Seriously. I’m that good.

I was also born with the gift of expression. Mom says you can read me like an open book…which is great under most circumstances, unless I’m giving you the stink-eye for cutting me off/throwing cheese/being stupid.

See, having an expressive face is really important to me. I like being able to convey the emotion of the moment with a particularly poignant look. For instance, here are a few of my favorites….

Happy Abby.
Pouty Abby. (Want cookies? Use this face.)
Abby Pondering. (Hmmm…what should I blog about tomorrow?)
One word for this one, and it’s AWWWWW.
This is my “Don’t Mess with Me or I’ll sue” face.
Sleepy Abby. (Or drunk Abby, depending on the circumstances.)

See? I am the Expressions Queen.

But there’s one expression missing from my repertoire. One expression that even my husband can do effectively. One expression that I practice for HOURS in front of a mirror, and still cannot master.

It pains me to admit this.

I cannot do the “move-your-eyebrows-independently-of-each-other-like-The-Rock” facial expression.

You know…

Please don’t tell me you can do this. It will make me feel more like a failure.

My inability to make this face brings my husband great joy. Especially because he rocks it better than Dwayne.  We often practice the face together…and he always laughs at me. A lot. Loud, long, belly laughs.

So this post, and the following video, are for his enjoyment. If you find enjoyment out of it, that’s just an extra bonus.

Practice makes perfect….unless you’re trying to perfect The Rock Eyebrow.

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9 thoughts on “Failure Is Not An Option….Unless It’s A Reality

  1. Abby

    Well, obviously I can make the rock n’ roll face. Duh.

    And Jenna, you have no idea how much better that makes me feel about myself. Thank you!

  2. Tammy

    Oh Abby, you make me laugh… don’t feel to bad as I can not do that either. I guess we did not get those genes.

  3. Crystal Raen

    Wow, love the look of fierce concentration you had on your face there for a sec. And I won’t tell you that I can do it. 🙂 Oops. Lovin’ catching up on your blog this lazy Sunday.

  4. Abby

    Ok, to those who cannot make this face—we have that in common and should share that camaraderie.

    To those who can—THHHHHHHHHP.

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