Monday with Manny

Yesterday was “Take Your Meerkat To Work” day. 

(It was, I promise. Just because it wasn’t on your calendar doesn’t mean it’s not true!)

My husband, ever the good sport, packed up Manny and drove him all the way to Daniel Island to visit the restaurant he’s worked at for 8 years–Queen Anne’s Revenge.

Standing on a cannon. Manny is a daredevil.

Manny is a big fan of fantastic seafood, so a trip to QAR was a major requirement in his travels of the world. B was happy to introduce Manny to the ins-and-outs of running a popular, pirate-themed (not in the cheesy way) restaurant. With B as his guide, Manny jumped headfirst into the world of cuisine.

Even Meerkats have to wait for a table. 

Manny’s main interest was food. He’d neglected his bowl of grub worms at breakfast, knowing he’d be dining at the restaurant. And when a friendly group of QAR regulars offered him a seat at their table, Manny eagerly agreed.

It’s not everyday that you can say you ate lunch with a Meerkat.

After a delicious meal of pan-roasted mussels, Manny was welcomed behind the scenes. The hustle and bustle of the kitchen was no new experience for this manly meerkat, who grew up in the untamed wilds of South Africa. Manny is no ordinary mongoose, and with the help of our favorite chef, Todd, was expediting food in a matter of minutes.

Todd watches Manny take the reigns.

After the lunch rush, Manny took a much-deserved break. What better place to relax and recoup than the well-stocked, expertly-manned bar? 

Bartender extraodinaire.

A few hours, and a couple of Palmetto Pale Ales, later, Manny disappeared. No one, not a server nor a line cook nor a bartender, could find the mischievous little rascal. They looked high and low, and finally he was discovered having a quick parley with Blackbeard himself.

“So, do you always carry that many guns? *GULP*”

After being rescued, the ever-maternal staff at QAR kept Manny in their sights. Why not put him to work? So he swept, he rolled silverware, he polished and buffed tables, and after copious amounts of sidework was completed, he was sent to the kitchens to clock out.

That was a LONG day. Seriously. Can I take a vacation now?

By the end of shift, Manny had put in a full day’s work on the ship, and was ready to pack his things and head back to the burrow. But not before contemplating his future profession of choice…

C’mon. You knew it was coming. Pirates? You have to have the “ARGH” joke.

If you would like Manny to come and visit your part of the world, and if you’re willing to send us photo documentation of his stay, please let us know! Our goal is to have a photo journal of all of Manny’s adventures for him to keep once he settles down. Please note, we will expect Manny to return to us in one piece (mostly), and in a timely manner! We’ll miss our little meerkat while he’s away from home!

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