Meet & Greet with Manny the Meerkat

Meet Manny.

Manny. The Meerkat. That’s right, I said meerkat.

We met Manny at our local Toys-R-Us store one fateful winter’s night. My husband, who is an avid collector of all things Transformers, and I were perusing the aisles when we happened upon this adorable little Meerkat. Since we were huge fans of Meerkat Manor, we were immediately drawn to his adorable little face. At first, we were a bit confused, because we thought Manny might be an employee of TRU…

Once we determined that this wayward little meerkat was NOT, in fact, an employee (he wasn’t wearing a name tag, you see), B immediately whipped out his cell phone and took this craptastic picture. We felt in our hearts that this little meerkat deserved a good home, and so B tucked him under his arm, marched up to the register, and we legally adopted Manny.

Manny dreams of seeing the world. He talks often of the green hills of Ireland, the patisserie’s of Paris, the beaches of Rio De Janeiro.

But for now, he roams the Low Country of South Carolina, and awaits the day when he can pack up and head for the destinations of his dreams.

One day, little meerkat. One day, you will see the world…

♪♫The HILLS are alive….with the sound of music…♪♫

If you would like Manny to come and visit your part of the world, and if you’re willing to send us photo documentation of his stay, please let us know! Our goal is to have a photo journal of all of Manny’s adventures for him to keep once he settles down. And to help realize his dream of seeing the beauties of this world we live in.

3 thoughts on “Meet & Greet with Manny the Meerkat

  1. Blaire

    If Manny would enjoy the greater Charlotte area, he is welcome. Maggie, my dog, likes to stand on her hind legs and look very much like a meerkat when she does it! They would be fast friends.

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