I’m Good At A Lot Of Things. Fashion Isn’t One Of Them.

I love fashion. Not in the “read the magazines, stalk the super models, starve myself and my family so I can afford a $700 purse” kind of love. But a “man I wish I could wear that, isn’t that a cute top, I miss high heels” kind of love.

I used to dress sort of cute, although I NEVER would’ve considered myself a fashionista. Certainly not a trend-setter. I always felt like I was a few days behind the curve. I would notice all the girls wearing the knee socks and loafers. I’d think, “Gee, I need to go buy some knee socks and loafers.” But I had to wait until I saved up enough for them. By the time I made it to JC Penny’s and Payless to catch up on the trend, the girls wouldn’t be wearing knee socks and loafers anymore.

This made me sad.

But I still always felt cute and confidant in my clothes….until.

You know what the until means.


Now, my basic everyday uniform consists of jeans, flip flops, and a comfortable, cotton tee of some shade. Today, it’s brown. Yesterday, it was green. The day before that, it was teal. (Somewhere in Manhattan, Stacy and Clinton are cringing.)

(I am good at accessories, though. Especially making them. And selling them. In my Etsy Shop.)

There are some current trends that I just ADORE, and dream about trying to pull off. Like the tunic with leggings thing. Or this:

Thoughts I have when adoring this outfit:

1. She looks confidant.
2. She looks put-together.
3. She looks fashion-forward.
Thoughts I have about trying to put myself into this outfit:
1. It would take me 10 seconds to break my ankle in those heels.
2. Wouldn’t my muffin top look great hanging over those jeans?
3. Sparkles? Seriously? Who am I, Miley Cyrus?
Honestly, I could probably pull something like this together at my various “Big Girl” shops, but I’d feel like Omar the Tent Maker. (Definition number ONE, definitely not definition number two.)
I always want to look confidant, put-together, and fashion-forward, especially for certain occasions: (read: birthday parties, dinner with friends, a night on the town). But for my everyday life, my jeans-flops-tee uniform works just fine.
Although, I could try a newer trend….like this one:
Yeah! What do you think?
Ummm….maybe not. My glasses just aren’t as cool as hers.


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    I can always count on you to make me smile, and sometimes even giggle a little! Thanks sweetie this is cindi , I just dont know how to blog

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