Introducing: Me

Let’s talk blogs. I’ve written one before. In fact, I’ve had a few. But here’s the problem with me: if my blog doesn’t have a “theme” I feel…incomplete. Weird. I’m not sure why. I has something to do with knowing that, if I want to blog about Topic A, I can go to Blog A, and write about Topic A to an audience who expects said topic. But what if I want to blog about Topic L? Then where do I go? I can’t possibly blog about Topic L on Blog A??? What am I, a crazy person?? (Ok, so I’m slightly OCD…but that DOES NOT constitute crazy.)

The truth: my attention span is about the size of a garden gnome. Seriously. If you know me personally, you know that my conversation techniques border on schizophrenic. We can be having a detailed discussion about pie filling one minute, and before you know it, we’re way over here conversing the finer points of car insurance.
That’s just me. That’s how I work.


So I wanted to create a blog where I could come on a daily basis and write about whatever the heck I want to write about. No themes. No gimmicks. No crazy flowery background with equally crazy flowery writing. I’m not pretending to be totally knowledgeable about anything. I’m not giving advice about weight loss, or pretending that my life story is one that the masses MUST READ. 
(Although, if you are reading this, you’re a member of the masses, and I thank you for visiting my humble blog.)
The truth is, I’m complex. I like a hundred different things, I have a million different thoughts a day, I have six hobbies, none of which I maintain on a regular basis. I have a fairly humorous life, a pretty positive outlook, and four fat cats that make me smile.

I like long sentences, excessive punctuation, italics, bold, and emoticons.Sunshine

I love my husband, and my family, and my friends, and I love to write.

So—I created this blog to write about all those things. And my Etsy shop. Oh, and my hobbies, which include crocheting, cooking, reading, watching movies, listening to music, and other generic things that most people like to do.

And I might write a review or two.

So that’s it. The whole shebang. Welcome to my blog–I hope to entertain you.

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